Progressive Grading System (PGS)

Clubs generally hold coloured belt (KYU) grading’s at three to six month intervals with the students learning the required techniques for each grade in the time between them. However some students train more than others do and while this may be the traditional way of grading if we equate the time into hours some will have done considerably more than others by the time the grading date comes around.
In addition some may miss lessons, which in turn may cause them to miss the grading day so the following can be used by all students meaning they move up in grade once they have completed the requirements over time during the lesson rather than on one set day.
Some students may also not be able to complete a full grading all at once for health reasons and equal opportunities tell us that everyone should be given access to take part in sport regardless of ability. The same applies to the martial arts so long as taking part does not hinder or make any medical condition/long term injury worse.

The CMAA PGS allows students to grade over time while still maintaining high standards, in fact there is an argument that the standard required using the CMAA PGS is higher as students must pass every technique in order to achieve the next grade unlike standard grading’s where a set score is required. However if a student has been signed off almost all of the grade requirements but is still struggling with a couple of techniques the grade may be awarded with these techniques being deferred and then re-visited a later date, unlike a standard grading whereby these techniques would simply receive a fail score and possibly be left behind. The instructor at Impact Kickboxing can then require the student to demonstrate once again prior to awarding a higher grade.